17 November 2005

Watching the Watch List

It's time to check in and see what's going on over on the WershovenistPig Stock Watch List. Behind the scenes on this blog, I looked up historical closing prices on Yahoo! Finance for each stock on the List for the day it was added to the List, and for November 16, 2005. I also looked up just about every other stock I have mentioned on the blog, the closing prices the day prior to mention, and the closing price for yesterday, as well.

Much of the data is boring (and depressing, considering how crummy October was for the markets), so I'm keeping most of it to myself. But not all of it:

Best Performers on the Watch List
ATYT + 43.9%
ARXT + 33.4%
CTRN + 20.9%

Worst Performers on the Watch List
DWRI - 50.3%
MRH - 26.5%
SNAK - 21.1%

Best Left off of the Watch List
WPTE - 22.0%
ECA - 21.6%

Wish It Were on the Watch List
SIRI + 22.9%
COST + 19.0%

How are the individual groupings of stocks on the Watch List doing? Overall, pretty crappy, I'd say. But that's why it's a Watch List, and not the WershovenistPig Portfolio; the barrier to entry is much lower. By the way, the aforementioned WershovenistPig Portfolio is coming soon. There, I will put my money where my mouth is (a discretionary portfolio where my blog is?), by blogging my moves before and after I make them.

Well, shall we get back to scrutinizing the Watch List?

For the individual groupings, I weighted each stock equally, using the closing price of the date I added the stock to the List as the initial price.

Fort McMoney -9.0%
Other Energy -4.6%
Discount Shopping Thesis +5.6%
Trendy Shopping -9.8%
Casinos and Poker -4.8%
Security -0.5%
Buybacks=Greenbacks Basket +2.3%
Cheap Media (Not Bulk Blank CD-R's) -2.4%
The Doghouse +0.8%
Other Stocks at the Trough +3.1%

Four groups in the black; six groups in the red. Dividing out the Canadian oil sands stocks from the other energy stocks created the losing record.

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