20 March 2008

Bought and Sold

Did a wee bit of buying and selling today. Squeezed it in before the long holiday weekend. Maybe I'll actually find time to get a haircut tomorrow, since I won't have the alluring distraction of this swing-y market to keep me put between 9:30 and 4:00.

First off, I closed out my QLD position at $68.11. From a basis of $72.79, that comes to a loss of 6.4%. This was the other half of the QLD position that I mentioned in the previous post. If you consider that I had a 7.9% gain from that sale, it looks like I came out ahead 0.3%, or break-even if you take into account transaction costs.

On the buying side of the ledger, I opened up a position in DXD at $56.99, and not quite added to the position at $55.99. Almost had that order filled as the market approached the close, but I just couldn't get my bargain price.

And I fortified my holdings in ALB, adding shares at $34.15. Averaging in my other shares bought at $37.15, my ALB position currently has a basis of $34.90.

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