30 October 2008

Phillies Win!

Marah - Rain Delay

The original recording off of "Let's Cut The Crap And Hook-Up Later On Tonight" is introduced by the legendary Harry Kalas.

The Phils are cool enough to play this track at the ballpark when there is a rain delay--at least I heard it the last time I sat through the rain in South Philly.

Fortunately, the rain delay couldn't stop the Phils and Philadelphia from a long-deserved championship.

The Phillies last won the World Series on October 21, 1980. Let's put that victory in perspective by looking at the Dow Jones Industrial Average chart from that long ago date through the end of 1980:

First off, I noticed that the market reacted negatively to the Phillies first World Series victory, dropping about 5% through the month of October. Where have I seen that kind of doubt and negativity recently? Hmm.

Second, it's clear how long the Phillies have waited for a second World Series title by looking at the right-hand column, where we see the Dow trading between 900 and 1000 in the last months of 1980. Geez, that's a long time ago.

The market could crap out 1000 points tomorrow, and I'm not sure I'd notice.

Here's one (much) more rockin' Marah tune:

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