24 June 2009

Ed McMahon's Legacy

On a more tasteful, serious note, I bet Ed said "Here's Johnny" during the golden toilet scene. And the lawyers flushed that line. No, really.

Speaking of flushing, the price of gold is swirling down...

Tim Knight at the Slope of Hope convincingly made the technical argument for going short gold in several posts. Here's the post that caught my attention:

I {Heart} GLD Short

Sorry to keep harping on this - - particularly to those who belong to the First Church of Precious Metals, but I'm just ga-ga over shorting GLD right here. It's (a) a clean trend break; (b) a terrific failed pattern; (c) has a clean-as-a-whistle stop; (d) a great risk/reward ratio.

Unfortunately, Tim closed out his GLD short just as I piled into some puts. I think he may have pulled the trigger too soon. Let's look at some charts (click on 'em to make 'em large and legible):

A fundamental reason for gold to fall is deflation.

Here's an updated annotated chart with my trading plan:

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