15 February 2009

Neko Case

The Gray Lady featured the red-haired lady, Neko Case, in the Magazine this weekend:

Meat, wolfing, lionized, cyclones, species, tornadoes, survival. A suitable lexicon, because despite the appeal to a broader audience in her new lyrics and arrangements, Case remains, in person and in her music, at least for now, to some degree a feral outsider.

I first read and heard about Neko Case in the pages of No Depression back in the 90's. I prefer her pop-oriented work with the New Pornos over her torch-y country albums. Her past solo work can be a bit too adagio, with her voice driving the songs, but over plodding beats.

But there's no doubt she's a striking performer with stories to tell.

New Pornographers - Challengers

Maow - Ms. Lefevre

Neko Case - Behind the House (live in Austin)

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