17 January 2007

Case against Sony Corp. (SNE) Undermined by Vivid?

Fark.com pointed me to a cheeky column that tries a bit too hard with the puns, declaring Vivid is going to release its product on Blu-Ray:

Big-time porn studio Vivid has announced its first Blu-ray porn movie, so there’s obviously a leak somewhere in the Blu-ray condom. Even the Blu-ray disc Association has reacted quickly by saying there is no ban against adult movie content.

So is one key argument in the case against Sony gone limp? Not entirely:

It’s true that Sony doesn’t care for porn on its devices. It was unhappy when porn started arriving on the UMD disc format for the PSP and from certain quotes by porn makers, Sony is not actually being that helpful with Blu-ray. It’s not blocking them but, at the same time, it’s not exactly pointing them in the direction of Blu-ray disc manufacturers that can help them out. Many are having to find their own production sources.

So Sony's neither cock-blocking the adult entertainment industry, nor is it lubricating the way for them either.

This report demonstrates the need to keep up on the news stories relating to investment positions, current as well as potential.

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