19 November 2008

Portfolio Changes

Dow closes just below 8K.

Good times, good times.

Hence, some changes to the portfolio, namely I sold out my short position, and added to my cash and long positions.

Sold 300 shares of FXP at $82.34 and 200 shares of FXP at $88.02, for an average sale price of $84.612. The cost basis my former FXP position: $69.89. That's a gain of 21.1%.

I started building the FXP position back on November 4, twelve trading days ago. If the market rallies off of these abysmal levels, I'll happily buy up shares at lower prices.

Bought UYG at $5.10 in the a.m. and at $4.75 in the p.m. for a new cost basis of $5.80.

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