30 November 2008

Suddenly, Tammy! for Sunday

Let's venture back to the mid-90's and enjoy some Suddenly, Tammy!

WDRE promoted "Plant Me" from their eponymous record. No luck finding a video or even a linkable mp3 for that tune.

I fondly recall seeing them perform at the Tin Angel with my friend, Dan. We each bought the band's sweetly corny school bus-logo t-shirts. And I believe they did a cover of the Maurice Sendak Pierre song. Or perhaps they covered "Linus and Lucy" from Peanuts.

Unfortunately, Suddenly, Tammy! suffered the fate of other 90's alt-rock acts like Juliana Hatfield and Riverside that submitted records that major labels refused to release. One more reason I'm thrilled to see the major labels' business models go to shite.

You can listen to some other tracks on Beth Sorrentino's MySpace page.

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