14 November 2008

Up Up and Away

Up Up and Away by the Fifth Dimension

Even though this song dates back to the 60's, I recall hearing it over the p.a. at concerts at my elementary school, Haddonfield Friends, as a recessional while the audience dispersed.

Watching the video, I was reminded of a should-be-classic 80's film, and one of its characters, Don "No Soul" Simmons. Here's a clip:

Today's 900-point Dow range offered up some prime swing trading opportunities. I made some additions to the portfolio, turning cash into shares:

Bought UYG at $6.09 during the morning slump for a new cost basis of $6.4125.

Bought FXP at $64.46 and $60.35 during the last fifteen minutes of the market breakout for a new cost basis of $69.89.

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